Dead Like Romi

Dead Like Romi

Book 3: The Lynch Brothers

Fenton: Being in love with Romi definitely has its drawbacks, like the fact she’s incorporeal and literally disappears without warning. And the fact that she’s cursed and the only way to break the curse is to kill her father. I’ve been a pacifist my entire life, but now I’ll do whatever is necessary to save the woman I love.

Romi: Several things suck about being cursed and mostly dead: needing a steady supply of energy to be visible, bloody fights with demons who want to drag me back to Hell, not being able to kiss the man I love, my Fenton…and knowing it’s all my fault. 

Hell has Fenton on their radar, and I’ll risk anything—even my damaged soul—to save him.

“A delightfully hell-raising ending to a funny, heartwarming trilogy.”
– Elyssa Mann, 3BookGirls Podcast


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