Confessions of a Control Freak

hnovak Blog

I discovered the other day why I love writing so much. Besides, you know, the obvious. It’s because I love creative control! MUST. BE. IN. CONTROL.

It started in middle school when I started doing international Theatre Organ competitions. I needed to be in control of which music I played and how the song sounded. In high school, I directed theatre. In college, I started in costume design, then moved to radio, directing film, editing film and music, and ultimately screen writing.

I loved having complete creative control over my characters.

Which led me to writing. I was like, “OH HEY! I can do it all on the page!” And, well, here we are.

The trick? Learning how to write so well, your reader sees the costumes and hears the music and feels the quiet moments without even realizing they’re reading a book.

I’m still working on that part.

Great film example? The new Cinderella. (Which is directed by Kenneth Branagh and is so brilliant and shut up, go see it right now! Shot on real film, it’s absolutely stunning. From the music, to the cinematography, to the costumes, to the set, to the acting. A++)

When Cinderella arrives at the ball and the prince touches her for the first time, he puts his hand on her waist to pull her into a dance And she gasps. Perfectly filmed. It’s is probably my favorite part in the entire film. It was an amazingly, beautiful, real quiet moment that was magnifique.

If you watch nothing else but this scene, do it. This is how you should make your audience feel.

Keep writing, friends! You’ll get there.